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What Happens If You Ride Your Bike 100 Miles On A Ketogenic Diet? | GCN’s Keto Experiment Part 2

today's ride is a follow-up on last week's video where i got myself into a fully ketogenic state and i went out and i did some big tests on some local climbs for a video called high carb versus keto we went through all the results of what happened and what went good and bad but today i'm following up on that test with a hundred mile ride again in ketosis to try and find out if i can do it on practically zero carbohydrates now i need to say this to you all the information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only and none of the content contained in this video is to be considered medical advice please please please do not make any changes to your lifestyle without discussing it with your doctor or health care provider we can accept no liability for any injury sustained should you try to recreate anything shown in this video i'm tired we're up early i have eggs some bacon that i made up last night and we're going to throw some spinach in it could probably throw some cheese on top of that and then we'll get this right started [Music] good morning so it's just a hair after 7 30.

Got up about an hour ago check my ketone levels 0.4 which is about what i'm usually at in the mornings and then i rise throughout the day a nice a cool 90-ish plus miles on here for today uh i'll be very excited if i do complete that we're in a big field looking over beautiful mount tom as we make our way north to hit out on this super long low carbohydrate adventure that we're about to take ourselves on we'll be going north all the way not quite to the new hampshire vermont border but just before it and then we're going to be making our way back down the route i planned was fairly flat so i have some chance of making it through this uh super long excursion i've planned for a hundred but i think once we get towards 85 90 we'll be back in this area in case the the detonation is quite large so haven't ridden 100 miles at all lately so riding 100 miles on no carbohydrate is going to be a very interesting experience to say the least all right so we're down in downtown east hampton massachusetts as we make our way to the bike path we'll pick that up and then we're going to uh hit northampton and then go up the uh the river make our way north super pretty morning out i'm already sweating you are very kind this morning got a couple people just letting me go through all right so we're out of northampton it's a beautiful downtown area we're just making our way north now along the connecticut river super pretty time of the year here hot but really really pretty i come over this hill i'll show you guys so we've had to do some stops but heart rate is a 130 about and i've done about 190 watts average i've been going harder but i had so many stops and zeros that yeah that's uh changed it but we're about 12 miles in making our way okay so we're here this is a very historic and famous little local spot in the area this is an american sycamore tree called the button ball behind me it is apparently 25 feet around it's a hundred and forty feet is its spread and it's 113 feet tall some estimate that the tree is 400 years old that's all that's old i mean think about that's like that's the oldest tree i've ever seen just made it to downtown sunderland making our way over to the book mill where we can uh see how we're doing check in refuel and taking some pretty views two uh coffees can i have one ice do you want an ice do you want us we have two iced coffees yeah that's good anything in them um great question i'm good okay i'll just take some cream just checking the ketones just to see where we're at see what we got give you guys some intel all right so we're up here in montague at the book mill it's got the beautiful waterfall and we've made it so far 28 miles i'm keeping almost 20 miles per hour average or just under i'm riding now i'm at 0.07 millimolar they say when you're working out and you're doing ketosis that when you're working out your ketone levels tend to drop so 0.7 is is yeah what i would expect i'm sure as i continue to sit here it would go up but i'm definitely haven't eaten anything yet i may have a snack so far i feel fine i'm averaging 212 watts average heart rate of 126 and we haven't climbed very much but the temperature really hot 93 degrees which is obviously well over 30 uh 33 34 degrees celsius so we're definitely we're up there they say that you uh you burn more when you're in ketosis from the sun i'm joking they don't they don't say that but i am putting on some sunscreen because i just this is a general psa we always have to put our sunscreen on we have to stay healthy we have people that love us care for us so wear your sunscreen it's all that's all for right now [Music] now a question that i know you're all going to be asking is what are you eating and drinking on this ride so in my bottles i'm using enervet salt caps and practically all of them just to make sure that i'm keeping up with my electrolyte demands for such a hot day and for food i'm eating fat of course it's the primary fuel of the day is mainly salted cashews is a big one and i also have some weird keto bread sandwiches that i made with peanut butter and bacon my goal is to consume around 2000 calories on today's ride have to say i didn't even know this one was dirt but i'm pleasantly surprised and happy [Music] it's beautiful out here got the river off to the left [Music] got the trees overhead with the shade just lights poking through like a disco ball so sick all right so we're at our northern most point on today's uh journey uh we're at about 42 and change miles two hours and 11 minutes uh almost over 1700 kilojoules 98 degrees fahrenheit so it's super super hot i feel really good on the bike my power output's actually gone up to 214 watts my average heart rate 130 feel a little crampy i'm not gonna lie but with given the heat and stuff like that it is hard to get the electrolytes in i feel pretty good overall though my power output obviously going up my ketone level is continuing to rise so far though so good super pretty up here [Music] holy crap it's really hot i'm not gonna be able to do a hundred just not not because of the ketogenic thing just because of the heat just because of the heat i love you guys but that's not it's not safe out here it's it's like the hottest i've ever felt it's like the sahara desert and so we're going to start making our way back down i still ride still going to be close to five hours and uh i think we'll all get the point and i'll be able to actually stay alive we couldn't miss an opportunity to hit some single track [Music] oh you guys know that i couldn't do a ride like this not hit a big gravel section i had to do it all right so we're here at baker as a local spot definitely the energy level is uh not super high going down i'm still rolling about 210 watts average which has been where i'm at my heart rate's about 132.

Um we've done about 65 miles 2700 kilojoules or so of work i'm yeah i'm feeling it though i mean the heat is insane today and this is a crazy day to be doing something like this i would have bonked hours ago if i had been out here i would have and i hadn't been in this state that i'm in um i would have absolutely been on the side of the road needing someone to pick me up because i haven't eaten nearly enough calories to to justify this type of energy expenditure um but the ketones are protecting me you know they're continuing to uh turn out and i'm continuing to be able to do the work which is so surprising so this is definitely one of the weirdest things that i've ever done in my entire life i can say that factually this is this is insane to me i i would not have personally expected this but i think that's what makes this so interesting and so weird and wild just did a check here on the meter ended up at 1.1 is my level of ketones right now so um yeah i know we're in i knew we were in because i haven't eaten anything and i've done 3 000 kilojoules of work i don't know who knows what i'm doing who knows what we're doing we're doing it let's get out of here [Music] all right well we're still climbing um yeah 65 almost 66 miles and uh it's been a long day feeling all right though i mean i'm still still cruising all right so we're back here at the vineyard uh 84 miles 3 400 kilojoules four and a half hours average heart rate was 134 206 watts average i only lost two watts between bakers in here uh i have a lot of things to conclude with um i'm calling this a proper 90 plus because i rode here i'm gonna ride back to my place and uh we did a lot of takes back and forth we've been out here about 10 hours it's been a long day the heat is insane and i'm not willing to push it anymore with the heat i've got i've lost a lot of electrolyte and salt and uh this is just kind of where i'm at and i'd be at regardless of whatever state of nutrition i'm in so i'm going back to my place we'll do a conclusion there if you guys can't tell i am i'm i'm struggling with this one i predicted things were going to go a certain way and the outcomes that i thought they just didn't come true i had initially titled this ride the bach ride because of what i thought was going to happen now if you think back to last week's video where i was up and down getting into ketosis i was all over the place and i really ah i didn't know what was gonna happen but on today's ride portion of the video i have to say this was one of the craziest days that i've ever experienced on the bike i was certain that i was going to bonk catastrophically and need to be driven home or even worse i was actually anxious when we were getting going given the heat the duration and what i was attempting to do but literally nothing went wrong and it blew it blew my mind it still has i'm trying to get my head around what's happened and i'm i don't know i was able to churn out the watts my heart rate didn't go crazy i didn't get heat stroke i did do the ride at a low intensity so i didn't give it a 100 of every single climb as hard as i can but i did have periods where i got my heart rate close to 170 and i went super hard and last week in that video i also went all out to test that there so for me i've always had trouble with low blood sugar in fact my entire road racing career i think was hampered by the fact that i was a sugar burner and that i never could do six seven hour races i'd always be the first guy to be like yep i'm out of here i can't do it so i wanted to see if i could be more metabolically flexible as a test for myself to push myself and honestly this was not easy for me as i would consider myself a car guy my entire life you know i i just really wanted to see what this was all about and i'm intrigued still by what's happened mainly because it's it's completely contrary to what i was taught growing up and what i still believe in today but diet is so personal and what works for me will not necessarily work for you you may feel amazing as a vegetarian or a vegan gluten-free i'm not here to say what will or won't work for you and i'm not here to say that i'm going to do this kind of diet or that i subscribe to any kind of diet forever and you should either it's not like that i'm not promoting that but i've learned so much and that's something that i love i love being a student i love to keep pushing myself and learning new things and from this experience i learned a ton so next week will be the last it'll be the third video in this series i'm gonna get my blood tested i'm gonna see what's going inside on my in with my body i've got several interviews lined up i'm gonna be talking to people on both sides of the table experts athletes all types of people to be able to bring you guys the research that they've been able to do and hopefully get us some more conclusions takeaways i want to thank you guys all so much for watching leave us a comment down below let us know what style of eating works best for you we'll see you guys next time

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