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We followed One Simple Rule & Lost 20lbs. (5 to 1 Rule)

bob and brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet [Music] hi folks i'm bob schrupp physical therapist brad heineck physical therapist the most famous physical therapist on the internet in their opinion of course bob so we bob and brad followed one simple rule and we lost 20 pounds it's called the five to one rule 20 pounds a piece 20 pounds a piece 40 look back on our videos we used to wear those billy shirts remember that yeah people used to complain about we didn't have fitted shirts yeah well we did that for a reason yeah it's true though and the 20 pounds i don't know about you i think with you brad is that you lost of a lot of it around the middle yeah i mean that's where i got to see my pants are all loose so too so it had to be more than sure just close enough yeah yeah so um by the way if you're new to our channel take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day also go to our website bob and and go to the giveaway section because this week we're giving away a sleep evasion matt yeah sleep evasion mattress and two pillows can't high five bob no can i five air five um we can also find it on facebook it'll be on bob and brad uh it'll be pinned at the top of the page the contest that is go twitter instagram or tick tock if you want a 60 second version of our program there you go so the main thing that brad and i did this we're going to talk about the simple rule but the main thing we did is we decreased the amount of our carbohydrates now we're not keto people i mean we're not we we don't you know we do eat carbs yet right but we just decreased the amount because we were i don't want you brad but i was i was a carb fiend i mean i was i i mean that's the main part of my diet was carbs so you really need to define carbs because it's really a broad thing because i i really wasn't clear before right carbs are mainly sugars and starches and the body breaks it into glucose yeah but simple we're talking like pasta and bread i had no idea those were sugars right right i thought sugar was table sugar exactly good point and so i know one girl that works for us pat beckman oh yeah i probably should say that going to have bee um she she all she did is ate less bread that's all she did and she lost yeah i bet she lost at least 20 pounds if not more and for me it was a lot less pasta and the right kind of pasta now and that's what that rule is about oh yeah and i wouldn't hesitate like if there was candy in office you know i wouldn't hesitate to take one there and one here and i just stopped that yeah i just saw i if there's one little one there and it all depends like we'll well let's go on all right so basically um i also i i'm not a vegetarian either but i eat more plant-based now i think you do too brad don't you oh yeah more veggies more veggies uh so i guess you call that a flexitarian so you you'll eat meat i had meat this weekend yeah but i um it's only more occasional and when i eat the meat i try to eat the grass-fed organic you know so but i'm not completely strict so the rule is called the five to one rule so especially when you buy packaged grain products you're looking you wanna look for whole grain but the problem is the companies will try to deceive you they'll call it multi-grain stone ground 100 wheat cracked wheat 7 grain bran all these things sound like they're really good and like they're whole wheat but they may not be you can put any title or name on there you want as long as there's some some kernel of truth you might right exactly so uh we got some products right here that we're going to apply the rule to but let's let's show the rule right here brad so what you're going to do is you're going to go to the what you call that was it the ingredients list yeah so you go to the package and you look on the side and you'll see the uh nutrition facts that's what we were looking for and you're gonna look for two things you're gonna look for grams of carbs grabs of carbohydrates and you're going to look for grams of dietary fiber so you're going to take the grams of carbohydrates that that's on the top part that denominator or numerator i don't remember anymore you put that on the top yes and you put the grams of dietary fiber on the on the bottom you you divide it out and it should end up being five or less so we're going to give you some real life examples here yeah yeah this is the pasta i started eating uh instead of regular pasta and this is called uh barillo whole wheat rotini excellent source of fiber yes so 39 grams of carbs in a serving seven grams of dietary fire fiber i divided it out ends up being 5.57 so a little bit high a little high but i'm sorry this is the best that there is at my store sure so i if anybody else out there knows one that's better i'm serious yeah i can order online right yeah i'll go ahead and do that i'll just fudge the math a little bit yeah that's just put this down like that that would be better make that a eight yeah put it yeah yeah then i'm good just a little misprint so how about you know i never i kind of gone away from popcorn i thought popcorn was bad for you but all natural popcorn so let's look at it here 22 grams of carbs yeah six grams of dietary fiber really well below the five so have you looked at unnatural pop i didn't i should have um but you have to watch out you know if you put too much i use uh no salt oh so so it doesn't raise the sodium and i i try to watch it i put a little butter yeah yeah there's always a little cheating in life there's always a little you gotta spice things up a little you know what i'm saying let's look at cheerios this used to be a staple in our family yeah 100 whole grain always you know it's heart healthy the heart healthy they got all the heart even on there oh wow you can't go wrong with that that's right well how could you well let's see yeah let's take a look so it's got 20 grams of carbs but only three grams of dietary fiber yeah really not very much so it ends up being six point six six six six and uh so that's starting to push it a little bit does that six six repeat on forever so um 666 is the sign of the devil by the way well then you really should not you shouldn't eat no it's it's not the worst i mean i and brian you were asking me you know have i seen some that are well like a lot worse i've seen yeah i've seen that had like two grams of fire fiber to 20 grams of carbs so they were like the ratio was 10.

Right and i'm sure there's a lot of things that are much higher sure um the other thing with cheerios it had 140 milligrams of sodium too so isn't it amazing little dry things and they got salt in them like that i know i mean everyone feeds their kids cheerios when they wonder liz do you guys do cheerios to your kids it's like i even i saw that movie with john travolta he was feeding that kid cheerios itself everyone does it yeah you know it's it isn't the worst they know it is by far in fact uh the ones for kids it's probably the best it's better than cocoa puffs or or lucky charms they're made with sugar and a little bit of fiber yeah yeah there's no fibers at all but you know i got this uh this ratio by the way from the book how not to die by dr michael gree krieger right so a big fan of his work um he's also got a website i believe and you can get all this stuff for free he's got great videos on sure so you can check that out so anything any other vice brad for losing weight you know it's interesting you know both brad and i work out a lot but we worked out before too oh yeah i mean so that wasn't the factor right i worked out just as much before it really weight loss does occur at the the table right and not really in the gym as much as you think if you know and i don't know about the studies but i think in general as you age it even is more so i i would work out as i got older and i would it wouldn't move the needle yeah yeah it would be like i had to cut i mean i don't eat pasta i just don't care about it um but brad's uh ice cream you know obviously that's a big one but i really like ice cream oh my god well i mean the thing is i'm just i know we're dragging this on a little bit brad but i i think what i found is i wasn't hungry at all yeah i mean i'm eating this stuff and i'm not hungry i'm eating as much as i want to eat and i just watched the pounds i mean at one point this you know started about two three years ago i was like wondering do i have cancer or something why am i losing weight like this yeah and and it was just i had changed this and i i know some people don't want to hear that but it's worked for my wife too sure it was it worked you know especially when she started going more plant-based and it's just like she said now she's down into a range where she hasn't been for 10 15 years so what about potatoes potatoes has a lot of starches and i i think also um we just look it up everything i've read they say they don't like potatoes we do yams yeah abs are good right yeah and i like them better in any ways but i always just kind of wonder if other people are doing potatoes i am what i am so all right remember rad and i can fix this body except for a broken heart but we're working on that and that's this is heart healthy stuff well that's right there is it'll be a be part of the chat one of the chapters you

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