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Was darf ich essen bei ketogener Diät? Low Carb: So funktionierts / Dagmar von Cramm

What can I eat on the ketogenic diet? Lose weight with low carb – there are two trends that I have actually
been observing for decades. One of them is if something is fashionable in the usa it
is a trend in new york in san francisco then you can actually set the
clock after that ten years at the latest
The trend is faster with us even if we would say that it never happens in
Germany because we eat differently we are different every hour the diets that
are fashionable there also come to us the second is that there is such a pig
cycle of diets, I always say someone tried a
diet first took off it was incredibly happy after ten years noticed
i'm slim no longer the diet was just not that great i
thought i'm overweight again and said they are
about wrong so it is worthless and then are the editions of these
books going down, it still runs like that because the many who
start this diet and the like now also observe the ki ta the title goes
is a fashion that comes from the usa and that is being completely healed in san francisco at the
moment and that everyone is very enthusiastic about

actually already a forerunner and i reach
under the table that was the atkins diet that i
tried over 40 years ago when i was still a stewardess at lufthansa bahn before
my studies what i did afterwards so i was already interested in nutrition
i make it so the atkins diet and brought my current
husband to despair was on our trip to india he had to go to every kitchen
and ask if the omelette was baked without flour because with the
atkins diet you weren't allowed to eat carbohydrates and the only thing that
was actually for breakfast was an omelette and cheese amulet on phils
complete a tomato on the net but please without toast
and of course no fruit at all, absolutely no
yes you could just e Simply only protein and fat as much as you should, so without
end of butter on top, also like a piece of
pure cheese wonderful steg fish nuts not all so peanuts will be a
bit scarce, they do n't already have too many carbohydrates so
everything that is fat and protein-rich soy tofu clear on dairy products quark all
that was allowed in fact I lost weight with it
and actually everyone who does the chain diet today will lose weight quickly with it
the body changes with the utilization of the nutritional
components I hardly have any carbohydrates anymore i had fat
and protein and my body can make of fat and protein is all that it can
build glucose and if it fails it can break down chains body structure and these are used
by my body in a similar way to sugar and glucose that means
they can nourish my brain and cover the energy
requirements of the brain, which is very important, that can be measured at that time it was already
recommended that it brings chopsticks there you can measure whether there are
concrete bodies in the urine that is a sign of that, but my body has switched
to this other type of energy supply,
by the way, ms cinemas will probably always have a little
fed because they mainly fed on raw meat from fish
yes also from the appropriate fed a lot of green stuff except for some moss there was
not so that is shows that people can endure a
lot and can adapt to many types of diet
it is also true that you don't get hungry so quickly, it is probably that way too that
diabetics can tolerate this form of nutrition well because the blood sugar game
does not rise that much, but it is also a fact that diabetics should never do this
without medical care
because if they change, they also have to adjust their insulin administration
and that is a big change why am i still not that enthusiastic about
the diet or atkins diet and why do i not have that either ht lasted for a long time
that is due to various reasons one is that many foods that are good for
our body in the long term are neglected because
i am not allowed to eat any grain and as a result there is
a lot of fiber containing iron zinc b vitamins so many
vitamins The second point is I do
n't eat legumes either, so humus is not allowed I ca
n't eat currys I don't eat so don't eat a lot and many vegetables
that are also rich in carbohydrates I am also not allowed to eat vegetables it
so and advice poor is leafy vegetables you can tell that is the vegetable that collapses in the
pan pressure what is leaf spinach that is green salad
that is tomatoes that are also paprika are also
still these are certain types of cabbage but at the moment when something is in the
earth grows as a root because it has many carbohydrates because these roots serve
as storage organs that store energy in the form of vo n carbohydrates and
all of them i am not allowed to eat pumpkin i am not allowed to eat potatoes i am not allowed to
eat higher amounts i am not allowed to
eat beets can eat sellers so i have a lot of things i am
not allowed to eat in the end this leads to a very
monotonous diet because if I actually only do my whole cabaret in the morning
, then there are also some rolls that were tinkered more
than baked with egg whites and quark and a little soy flour, maybe
tasted horrible but something else was not included and I
mean, if necessary, the sausage tastes even without bread but to be honest, in the long run
you might like to have my great pity bread and that
brings me to the next problem we are actually culturally shaped
as bread eaters and clark for a while completely do without bread but if you are used to
something from an early age then it becomes It is very, very difficult to do
without it in the long term because that means no pizza kl ar
there is cauliflower pizza now but tieto probably
no longer works for low carb it works because the bottom is made of ingenious cauliflower
florets and yes that no longer tastes the real pizza
tastes quite good so you can do a lot of tricks to
manage something but in the end it is quite time-consuming is quite
boring I can't always live only on steaks and tofu and fish fillets
and the point that I also find worrying is that it is not very
environmentally friendly we are actually doing the
nutritional recommendations worldwide for both to provide something plant-based for the environment as well as for the health of the
that means if I do that then I really should I eat Fleischmann as a
side dish then I should eat once a week and
maybe not as often, yes, and not as much cheese as usual instead
i should take more vegetable products on the other side w hen i just
hope and wake up citizens it will probably be a bit
artificial and i will have to consume a lot of ready-made products the
question is i want that in a nutshell when someone is very, very overweight and has
major problems changing their diet then
quito diet can be a possibility for a limited period of time in the long term
you will not do your health any good by the way, you will also have
a problem then extreme constipation will rain dietary fiber is mainly
found in whole grain cereals and vegetables, and indeed in these
root vegetables and when I am no longer allowed to eat all of this then I will find it
very uncomfortable and I will have to soak and spoon a lot lonely
so that my digestion works at the same time and that's why
I would say it is not that unhealthy for one has often assumed, but it is
culinary in the long term really bleak and in the long run it will not be so
beneficial and As healthy for and being as we actually hope for,
that's why I'm more in favor of holistic healthy eating until my new book
happy aging also propagate yes where everything is in moderation, of course,
fish and meat, but also a lot of vegetables of all kinds,
legumes, nuts, all of them wonderful diversity

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