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[Preview] How the keto diet became popular as a treatment for epilepsy

And so in the early 1990s we in the ketogenic diet for epilepsy world
were not in a great place. The diet was really seen
as a therapy of last resort only in children and for the most part even in the early 90s
only in the United States. If you went to the American Epilepsy
Society meeting, a great conference, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything
about the ketogenic diet there in the early 90s. Maybe a poster here and there,
but no sessions, no lectures, really very little at that time. Articles written about the ketogenic diet
would put it into alternative medicine. We now consider it
more non-pharmacologic, that's often where it ends up. But at the time it was perceived
as alternative and we really came a long way to say
it's actually not alternative, it's just different. Now today it is everywhere,
it is all over the place. You've seen some great screenshots
in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Amazing. But this is from Time magazine,
New York Times, they love to show bacon all the time. I think the photograph is well.

I think that maybe what it is. We always kid around about it. But the parents see this
and the parents are interested and they're looking for other ideas
for their children with epilepsy and it's great that this is coming out
in the popular media..

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