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One year of keto | My 62-pound transformation!

One Year of Keto Dieting – 62 Pound Weight Loss Story


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I Desired Let’s talk a little bit about my individual experience with cholesterol and statins Medication, I’m gon na begin right after that. Hey men, welcome to Keto. I Do some videos that show keto food, talk a little about keto science, and do some keto Dishes.

It’s about cholesterol, and my individual viewpoint Experiment with cholesterol in the blood. And my cholesterol He returned extremely loud. It’s really typical cholesterol decreasing medication.

I listened to my medical professional, and I went on this medication. Cholesterol numbers went down, and my physician was extremely pleased. I simply did it Me getting older, getting creakier, and perhaps getting a little bit more Lapse of memory, nevertheless, in doing a little research study, I discovered this to be an end Typical side impacts of statin ‘medications on General.

I remained on medications, simply since my medical professional informed me, and me I was scared to explode them, since I was scared that if my cholesterol got too High, I would like to have a heart attack and pass away. I had a lot of, for you Know the frozen pizza, and simply made bad options. My cholesterol kind of stayed in this regular variety, due to the fact that I am still on And atorvastatin, then in early 2017, kind of had me adequate yoing and i I chose to begin Keto.


I discovered Keto through a pal at work and attempted it For a while, throughout a week, I was in love with her, due to the fact that I felt remarkable. I truly didn’t have much keto influenza, Possibly a couple of days, and then I believe the 4th day after I began Kaiton, I can Remember getting up and feeling like something was different. I expected my cholesterol Go up.

He did not go Come back on it. And he said, “Let’s give it a few months, And see how you’re doing then. And at this time, when I got my fat done, I got what it called And NMR Fats.

And what is that Is it the opposite of a regular fat pad, as it measures not only your total Cholesterol, but it actually breaks down your HDL, your LDL, and the number of Particles, particle size, particle consistency. My triglycerides were super low, and my HDL was Even, all HDL ratios to total cholesterol look good. My GP did not really know what Make it so he sent me to the heart.

I remember being I had fasted on that day, and told them I had fasted first, and they didn’t think I would Goes on, and I ended up going for like 25 minutes. I ran like an idiot on that Something for a while, well done on that, then I went for the thing that was very Excited to go to. Calcium test was a serious scoring The test that I wanted to do, because no measure of signs may or may be It may not be an indication of cardiovascular disease, such as cholesterol.

I stayed on Keto and stayed outside Staten meds, another 10 million pounds. The thing that I am Not even known to be found here in Albany, in the Albany region. He knew what Keto was.


We … we had good Talk about keto and low carbohydrates. And he has come in to his cholesterol, which is the same For mine – it is what you call excessive response to the keto diet. His LDL shot Even when Keto began.

I continue to Keto. I do not turn back in Cholesterol-lowering drugs, despite all medical pressure Professional in my life to come back to them, and I’m not going to them. The Criteria for placing a person on lower cholesterol drugs have become less, less and less as well Time has passed, and I feel like it’s mostly about money.

This is what my country … was my experience with Cholesterol and cholesterol lowering drugs. I know this is not really that kind of The video that I usually do, but I really wanted to talk about it. I know that in general, cholesterol does not go Even when you start a keto, the type does not matter what, based only on the fact that you are Use fat for energy.

Cholesterol will show that even in the blood, Regardless. Let me know. Let me know what your experience was with this Things.