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One Meal A Day Keto – The Dangers & Benefits | Dr. Nick Z

in this video you'll discover the pros and cons of doing one meal a day keto many people today are suffering with poor health and you may even be one of them as a result of this most people go and they search the internet and they look for things like the ketogenic diet they find things like intermittent fasting they take these two strategies and they implement them into their daily lifestyle in order to improve their health and a lot of times people combine them together and that's why in this video we're talking about one meal a day keto we're gonna talk about the benefits that they have to offer we're talking about the difference between the two we'll also talk about the dangers associated with implementing these two health strategies at the same time and then at the end of this video what we'll do is talk about the one meal a day food plan and set you up for success teaching you everything you need to know in order to do this successfully so stick around to the end of this video but before we get started I'm dr.

Zin röszke and welcome to the channel if you're new to the channel it is a pleasure to have you here be sure to subscribe hit that notification about enjoying our notification community that way can help you excel your health and your life let's go ahead and first talk about these two strategies what I want to do is basically just talk about them separate okay because what happens is a lot of people find this on the internet and they think it's one thing but one meal a day and keto is totally two different things the ketogenic diet is us diet in one meal a day is really an eating strategy now the ketogenic diet is a diet where you're going to be eating 70% fat 25% protein in 5% carbohydrates okay so this is a diet where you are in the state of ketosis and I'm very specific about this because a lot of people will say that they're doing keto when in fact they're doing low carbs so if you're not measuring ketosis and you're not being very strict with it then there's a good chance that you are not doing the ketogenic diet you may just be doing a low carb diet which is completely healthy too which we'll talk about in just a moment but the ketogenic diet is when you are in the state of ketosis now the ketogenic diet has many benefits it's gonna have benefits like helping you burn fat a lot of people lose an incredible amount of weight following the ketogenic diet it's gonna help with high blood pressure hormone imbalance chronic fatigue weight loss resistance so when you get people who just can't lose weight and their hormones are all in balance their metabolic hormones are a mess insulin is really high it really helps these individuals with this weight resistance because chronic inflammation is also playing a huge role in that and then of course the ketogenic diet helps dampen that inflammation which can help with so many problems arthritis I mean so much more blood sugar and insulin instability neurological conditions in autoimmune conditions as well okay so ketogenic diet powerful stuff this in a nutshell is what it is in the benefits it has to offer now let's talk about one meal a day now as I mentioned this is a diet this is an eating strategy so one meal a day is essentially stricter than your typical sixteen and eight okay so if you're familiar with intermittent fasting most people are familiar with where you're taking the sixteen hours fasting and then you're taking the eight hours and you're eating within that ER window that is the very standard intermittent fasting that most people are utilizing now with one meal a day it's stricter than that you're gonna have all your meals between one to two hours now I always say one to two hours because you know there's some people who believe that one meal a day is only like a 23 and one where you're fasting for 23 hours and you're eating all your meals within one hour but the problem is is that because I work with people clinically I find that people are restricting their calories now one meal a day is not about calorie restriction one meal a day is about eating all your meals within one and so a lot of times I go and always have people do 22 into ok you fast for 22 hours you eat for two hours basically and that's what I consider one meal a day so that way you're not falling into a calorie restrictive pattern that's crashing your metabolism now why would you do this it helps burn fat because what happens is when you're in that fasted state you turn your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner and it helps you burn fat it's going to improve hormone sensitivity which is going to be really great you know when you talk about these different metabolic hormones the fastest state is very good for creating balance within them it's also going to help with being muscle sparing now there's a lot of people who are like let's say bodybuilders or people who are trying to gain muscle well if you're doing fasting it helps burn the fat but it spares the muscle and that is another reason a lot of people like it helps decrease inflammation and then promote itachi okay now when we look at one meal a day we're seeing that it has a lot of the same benefits as keto one of the major benefits that you're going to get from fasting is a toffee geo toffee is where you're taking the broken-down cells that are leading to problems like cancer and other different inflammatory disorders and you're breaking those cells down in using those parts recycling them turning them into new cells so that's one of the really major benefits that you get from the one meal a day that's different than Kido but also you're gonna get that muscle sparing benefit which I really like as well but in general they have a lot of crossover okay but as I mentioned this is a diet this is an eating strategy and so I want to clear that up because so many people come in they see me in the clinic when I work with them and they're like yeah I'm doing you know this this one meal a day and it just happens to be that they're kind of you know sprinkle in all kinds of stuff in there but it's you know there's so many strategies out there we just have to understand they're separated out next year is the perfect combo okay now when you put these together they work really well together all right first of all you get powerful results I mean if you imagine taking the results you're getting from this and this I mean you could imagine it's pretty amazing so you get some powerful results now the other thing that's great about keto is it cuts cravings okay so when you're doing one meal a day there's a loop of people out there who use one meal a day as a crutch in order to just eat junk food and eat whatever they want but the problem is is it makes it very difficult because if you do that you create blood sugar instability and you create like massive cravings and so you know these people struggle with one meal a day where the people who are doing keto it cuts the cravings down and you feel really good throughout the process because you're not having all the cravings you're not having the crashes it's just more steady as far as energy everything so cuts the craving in the keto diet is high in fact and this is one of the reasons it helps cut the cravings because that fat is very satiating it hold you over for longer when you're doing one meal a day and you're trying to stay in that fasted state for longer it helps keep blood sugar low it also is going to help keep insulin low so people are trying to lose weight you know you got to keep the the insulin low you got to keep the cortisol low you have to make sure you keep all of that low in order to accomplish those goals and then when you look at this right here we have to make sure that the proper education is in hand because what happens is a lot of people mess this up and it actually can cause them a lot of health problems okay so it's always important to make sure that you understand the ketogenic diet before you go into that and also understand meal a day and not make this convoluted mess of a health strategy that's very destructive now let's talk about it being a potential horrible combo okay cuz I see this happen quite often and this is very dangerous for your overall health especially if you're trying to improve your health not you know wreck your health so first of all what happens a lot of times I see people not hitting their macros okay by not hitting your macros essentially like you are doing keto so you're just consuming tons of fat but you're not paying attention to you know anything else you're just making sure you hit your fats and you're making sure that you are full but at the end of the day if you're not hitting your macros you're not getting enough protein you're not getting enough nutrients you're causing some major issues for yourself hair falling out feeling terrible fatigue all the time so a lot of people don't hit their macros properly and that's a major issue now if you want to do keto and what you need to do is you need to go to like a keto calculator on a calculator online and you need to like punch in your numbers put in your weight put in your exercise put in all the different information so that you make sure you're hitting the proper macros now you end up with nutrient deficiencies as well and this is a big problem so how is your body supposed to function if you have nutrient deficiencies because well let's say first of all you're not hitting your macros but also you're just like sticking to a lot of foods on the ketogenic diet that aren't hitting a good array of nutrients and so one of the problems that people do in many cases is they actually put themselves into a problem with hitting a calorie deficit they don't hit the proper macros and they end up with nutrient deficiencies in basically when you're doing things like keto and one meal a day together you have to know what you're doing otherwise you end up with this issue I see it happen all the pro all the time people have their weight loss stall they have problems where their hair is falling out they don't have any energy they can't sleep at night but they are just dead certain that they are on the right path because they're doing something like the ketogenic diet in one meal a day combined in like those are the two of the biggest health strategies out there today and if they're doing them their health should be perfect but of course we have lab work to prove otherwise we have a million symptoms to prove otherwise but yet they are just totally grasping these two health strategies and then wrecking their health with them and so we have to be very careful about them and then you have to be careful about being too strict okay like I had mentioned from the beginning of this video it's dangerous when people go and they try to be extremely strict with intermittent fasting in it's also dangerous when they try to be too strict with the ketogenic diet I mean so in general the ketogenic diet is where you're going to do 50 calories or less of carbohydrates a day and I see people go in they go okay well get it down to 20 it's like wow I would even be healthier if I got my carbohydrates lower than that let's see if I can get it to 15 and they keep dropping it down and dropping it down until they're just down to nothing and therefore they're feeling terrible and of course it's not healthy either and the same thing happens with fasting well just think if I'm doing sixteen and eight well then I could do one meal a day and then if I could take that one meal a day and if I could get it all in 30 minutes imagine how healthy I would be I mean I know that this may sound silly to some people but the fact is there's a lot of people doing stuff like this like I said in another video it's creating an eating disorder it's creating a problem for you it's dangerous when you're doing that you really have to know what you're doing you have to be doing one meal a day properly and you can't just try to take these house strategies and just Ram them down to the bare minimum and you have to be doing the ketogenic diet properly because otherwise you'll create metabolic destruction okay this is why when I work with individuals that are doing things like this I'm able to take them off of one meal a day and off the ketogenic diet and then they start actually improving their health and they start losing weight okay right so two strategies that are supposed to help them improve their health and lose weight are actually causing that to all stall and we actually have to reverse that process in order to make it work okay so think about that and understand that these are great health strategies and then we also have to think about like why what is the why behind doing it right because a lot of people see it online from their favorite health guru who has never worked with a patient or ever you know had any formal education and patient care and they start implementing these different strategies and as a result what happens is they find that they are starting to go downhill right but the thing is is like there needs to be a reason behind it you need to have a reason why you're implementing these strategies you know for one in the recently I told them like they had all this stuff going on with their health I'm like why are you even doing the ketogenic diet like in they just said well it's you know it's a healthy diet that's the thing they do and that's the trend right I'm like you don't need it out of all the things you have going on there's a lot to focus on but the ketogenic diet is not one of them so anyway you know it's it's just something that you have to understand these all have a purpose all these strategies have a purpose if you need it you need it but also there's a lot of reasons you may not need it and if that's not the main focus when it comes to improving your health then you need to maybe just back off of that a little bit and then go in and try something new I also want to talk about here keto versus low carb okay because this is something that is very interesting like I said when I take people off a keto I don't tell them to go eat donuts and all the junk food you want now we just simply take them from keto to a diet that allows more carbohydrates when I see somebody who's restricting calories in carbohydrates down to darn near nothing what I try to do is I start to increase it back up in order to actually fix their metabolism so you know keto is 50 grams or less of carbohydrates low-carb is just gonna be a hundred grams or less of carbohydrates and I'm talkin good healthy carbs carbs are you're gonna get from beans lentils potatoes sweet potatoes that kind of thing you know you're measuring ketosis here this you're not necessarily measuring ketosis but it's still offering you great results this is high fat low carb this is high fat and that is still low carb now a lot of people will argue with me that well you know 100 grams I mean that's a ton it's estimated that the average individual out there understand average individual who is having all these different health crisis is out there is eating 300 grams or more and the thing is is that they're eating 300 grams of carbohydrates that are totally unhealthy high fructose corn syrup cane sugar sodas Donuts you know tons of carbohydrates sandwiches all of those types of things that are not healthy white bread pasta so what we do is we remove the processed foods we remove all this stuff we still eat a high fat low carb diet we only eat healthy carbs and then this is a good satiating diet it's sustainable it's long-lasting you can still get incredible results doing like one meal a day on it doing one meal a day properly and guess what you don't have to be doing keto to have good health okay so take that into consideration and remember every health strategy has a purpose I do a lot of patient care and I see all the different ways people are taking these health strategies out of context and messing up their health with it very familiar with all that put in the comments section below your experience with the ketogenic diet intermittent fasting where you've gone wrong in how you fix the problem with that put that in the comment section because it'll be very educational to a lot of people give this video a thumbs up and share it with your friends and then of course let's talk about the one meal a day food plan okay this is gonna be something that is going to help set you up for success I'm gonna put the food pyramid video right here click on that because there's a download there that will help you get started on the right track we only have seven meals seven meals a week to actually go in and get the amount of nutrients that our body needs

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