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Keto diet in Nepali for beginners | Is keto diet food plan good for weight loss? | Side effects?

Nowadays we hear a lot about Keto Diet, you must have heard about it too even though you haven't tried it So what is this Keto diet? Today we will explain Keto diet briefly Keto diet is short for Ketogenic Diet, this diet is a high fat and low carbohydrate diet In Keto diet its generally recommended to eat 75% Fats, 25% Protein and 5% Carbohydrates Contrarily, a typical Nepali diet has 60% Carbs, 20% Protein and Fats On a Keto diet, carbs are eaten minimally and replaced with fats These are food recommended for Keto Diet There are high carb foods to be avoided while on a Keto Diet Both Carbs and Fats provide out bodies with energy Just as a car requires fuel to move, our bodies also need energy for survival We can get that energy from both carbs as well as fats The energy which we get from carbs are in the forms of glucose whereas fats gives us energy in the form of fatty acids If both are to give us energy, what's the difference? Its very easy for our body to get energy from carbs but lot harder to get energy from fats Getting energy from carbs is like burning a paper, easily set ablaze but burns out quickly But getting energy from fats is like burning wood, comparatively difficult to set ablaze but burns longer Since, its easy, our bodies prefer getting energy from carbs But if we don't give carbs to our bodies, then it will be forced to use fat for energy Making our body utilize fat for energy rather than carbs is the main concept of Keto diet Keto diet CLAIMS THAT if we were to only give fats to our bodies and keep carbs minimum Then our body will burn both the consumed fat as well as our bodyfat which is already within our bodies Our bodies will learn to become a fat burning machine and by this process we will achieve weight loss However, when weight loss is concerned, the key element is to eat less than your maintenance calories If you don't know your maintenance calories, you can check out our 'Fat loss' video In that video, we teach you how to calculate your maintenance calories as well as the proper way to lose fat Click there to check out that video When transitioning from a carb heavy diet into a keto diet, you might experience headache, tiredness, constipation These are some side effects of keto diet In conclusion, calories deficit is more important than the type of diet chosen or macro split Just by following keto, you won't magically lose weight if you are in a calorie surplus Also, for an average Nepali, it may be difficult to avoid eating rice or roti Hence, our suggestion is to follow the meal plan that you enjoy and focus more on creating a calorie deficit, rather than following a restrictive diet Please like, share and subscribe if you liked our video If you have any health and fitness related inquires, feel free to comment, we will try to answer them all and always remember, Fitlife is Hitlife!