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Keto 101 – The Ketogenic Diet Versus Exogenous Ketones

One of the main features of this review we wrote is the coexistence of the graduate keto diet with exogenous ketone supplements. In fact, this is a problem shared between them, such as the problem of differences in the ketogenic diet, which is very variable. Usually with ketone supplements. Depending on the dose you consume, this is usually very predictable, and again depending on the type of ketone supplement used, your response will indeed vary slightly. Between diet and supplements, the ratio of BHB to acetoacetate is also very different.

Time As I mentioned before, it is of course possible to increase the course of the keto diet for several days to several weeks. For exogenous ketones, it takes several minutes to several hours. Therefore, as I said before, you suffer from persistent and intermittent ketosis in either case. There are suggestions that there are ketone adaptations The eating process may take several months to several years. We don’t actually know if there is an adaptive response to taking ketone supplements. Some people suggest that people will use ketone supplements better over time. And again, there may be molecular reasons for this, but we don’t know yet, and it must be the case for humans. One thing in common between the two is that its function seems to be very reliable, because appetite is often suppressed.

Whether someone is following a ketogenic diet or is taking an exogenous ketone supplement, in both cases, the supplement seems mature enough. Glucose or carbohydrate The utilization rate is interesting. So important that the induction of a ketogenic diet leads to a reduction in the intake of regular carbohydrates in the diet. Therefore, as far as we know, on the other hand, by supplementing ketones, it reduces Circulating blood glucose concentration, If this is a personal goal, it is best to supplement ketones with carbohydrates.

On the other hand, if you are checking your health and want to know where you are after a meal or after a meal The glycemic response is then usually seen again consistently, if the ketone supplements the carbohydrate source, then they will tend to know where the glycemic response is, If that's someone who obviously eats a carbohydrate meal. That's it. I think the availability of glucose is a very important point. It shows the difference between diet and supplementary diet..

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