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Is the KETO DIET SAFE for AFib Patients??? – Doctor AFib


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Is the Keto Diet Safe for Patients with Afib?

Thanks for visiting this video sector, in today’s video section we’re going to be talking about the Keto diet, and how any person with atrial fibrillation, what you ought to be mindful about with the keto diet.

It may be a good short term plan for some patients, but as a long term strategy for weight loss and weight management, it may not be the right strategy for patients with atrial fibrillation. At this point I want to discuss specifically the ketone diet and why I do not typically recommend it to my patients with atrial fibrillation.

Always discuss diet plans with your doctor for further information. Thank you for visiting this video sector.

The keto diet is a questionable and incredibly popular diet right now, and it was really one of the leading Google search terms of 2020, so there are numerous, numerous individuals interested in the keto diet. Individuals desire to understand what diet is excellent for them and whether the keto diet particularly is a fine diet to utilize.

For those of you who are not conscious, what is the keto diet, what does it do? The keto diet is an extremely popular diet right now. It’s been extremely popular, and you have actually most likely seen stars and other individuals online who have actually utilized the keto diet and have quite quickly lost weight.

It does make a little bit of sense that the keto diet might in essence contribute or impact to getting more episodes of atrial fibrillation. Well, the entire state of ketosis or having ketones in your body does really impact your pH, sort of that acid base balance that we have in our blood and our body, and there’s a lot of literature out there, a lot of site short articles out there about acidic keto diet and alkaline keto diet. These are all things related to the pH inside of a person’s body, and affecting your pH in your body can certainly have an effect on triggering episodes of atrial fibrillation.

It does, in a sense, make sense that doing the keto diet can affect, or can potentially trigger episodes of atrial fibrillation. And so that’s sort of the main reason why I do not typically recommend my patients to have the keto diet. I’ve just seen a couple of case reports that show that it may not be beneficial for patients who have atrial fibrillation.