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I Gave Up – Why I Quit Keto Diet!

I Gave Up – Why I Quit Keto Diet!


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Hi guys, so this is just overdue overdue old news at this point, but I have been busy and never gave an update. So I am NOT on keto anymore. I I don’t know when I went off keto I’d have to do the math I have. I was on keto for probably about a year and a half, and I went on it because I had some very specific health concerns and I had tried many other things.

My doctors have even had me tried a few different diet things and I had heard about the keto diet before and I did a little research into some of the stuff that I had going on, and I thought that it might be really helpful to me and So I, after having tried many many things, went on the keto diet and it was great, I’m glad I did it and if I ever have similar health issues again in the future, I probably would do it again, but I didn’t stay.

I don’t. I don’t feel like it’s a very sustainable diet. I it’s very limited for one thing, and so that makes it just more difficult to eat general. I don’t eat meat, and so I mean, if I ate meat, it probably wouldn’t be nearly so limited. But since I don’t eat critters, it’s really hard to be on keto, but then also, I don’t feel like the keto diet is really long-term. It’S not, it doesn’t seem to me like it’s a very balanced nutrition and because you are not allowed to have so many like really good fruits and veggies, and things like that, so I I just I feel, like you know, fruits and veggies are important.

There is a faster way to hit Ketosis. I Missed them and I want to eat fruits and veggies again, so I’m going to do that being on keto for over a year, I want to say probably a year and a half, maybe more really changed the way. I look at food and my the way I look at carbs sugar and the way I understand the way the body breaks down food, and so it helped me to be very mindful of food and even now going off of it. I am trying to well, I mean I’m, I don’t think I will ever eat.

You know the exact same way I did before. I really really love sugar and sweets, and I think now it’s like much more. Like moderation, I’m very um when I eat sugar, I’m just more mindful, like oh gosh, like of what just of sugar and just what sugar does and how sugar works in your body, and I just I’m very aware and hyper aware of what sugar is doing when I’M eating it, and so I don’t really want to eat sugar that much anymore um.


I don’t really. I haven’t really wanted or craved or looks for bread much one of the first things I went back for, though, were corn tortilla chips. I am so happy to have them back because I want them with my queso, my guacamole and my salsa. Oh my gosh. I love tortilla chips. They are the best, so I’m happy to have to those back in my life uh, but that’s probably one of the. Only like empty kind of a carb I eat now I don’t like I sometimes might do like a gluten-free pizza or something that has like a rice, noodle or rice made crust Gluten has been an issue for me for a while, and I’ve known that and my Doctor told me a while ago to avoid it and so just noticing how I feel when I do consume it, since I definitely avoid gluten most the time.

I agree that I should just steer away from it, so I’m just not even a good, no they’re, not even gon na, go there, but it’s like my food choices. Now I’m like, I really really am thinking more about more whole food ingredients. But chips are my weakness like chips and dip or my weakness, but in general, like more of my food comes now from just like whole vegetables and whole fruits, and just really wholesome just natural ingredients. It’S just.


I don’t know after after so long of eating a certain way like, I think, there’s part of that that I’m just it’s gon na have an influence on me for a really long time, maybe forever like, but I think in a good way. It’S just I’ve. Just much more mindful of things and I’m feeling a lot better, like I’ll notice like I got some candy for a treat and then I my face broke out afterwards, and so it’s like, I know like I can have a little bit of sugar like I can Have a little bit of candy and I’ll be okay, but if I have too much candy or oh those, oh that’s what it was. It wasn’t candy I had it.

It was so good I I might have been worth it. I had like this much of like a Slurpee like no Slurpee shaved, ice kind of a thing, Kona ice-truck, so like this much of one of those just because I wanted to taste. I hadn’t had something like that in like two or three years, and I was like I’m gon na – have this oh my gosh my face like I had pimples everywhere for like two weeks, and so I had to live with that consequence, and so I can’t handle That much sugar – I I can have a couple Twizzlers, you know and nothing happens. So it’s like a fine line, and so I think I’m like more aware because my face was always broken out before so I I was just like.


Oh, my face is always broken out now, I’m like oh there’s, a reason my face breaks out, so it’s just I’ve learned some things from being on keto yeah. So what I’m not on it anymore – and I just wanted to share that because I’m like always eating like I’m, always eating, that’s all I do I eat. I eat a lot. That’S not all I do, but I eat a lot and I’m always eating and I’m like I’m someone’s gon na, see a picture of me with like a bag of tortilla chips and they’re gon na be like wait. Isn’T she on keto, like oh yeah, I never told y’all, I’m not Oh y’all gosh. I must be from Texas anyway, guys that’s it.

That was just my rambley announcement and just my follow-up final thoughts on keto, because it’s closed up and done chapter of my life for now, so just closing out that page in the book anyway, guys I will talk to you next week. Thank you. Bye,