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How to lose 2 kg in one day by KETO!😲| ريجيم يوم واحد كيتو لخسارة ٢ كيلو

My meal today One day Keto diet comes down 1 kg
(Breakfast – Lunch – Snack – Dinner) Can be done once a week – quick results Components every day 1 tomato avocado
Lemon Lettuce
Strawberry 7 pcs
Meat – Eggs – Chicken. breakfast Egg or 2 boiled – salad Cut the egg Cut the vegetables
Lettuce is important for weight loss Ready Tea or coffee without cream
Sugar diet allowed
To increase the burn I will drink green tea Snack Strawberry 5-7
15 almonds
Tea the lunch Minced meat or burger Of course we won't eat bread today Two slices of low-carp cheese
Slice of tomato
No other extras
We can eat an egg and a cucumber together the Dinner Salad with chicken
Chopped chicken Starch with spices We put lettuce
Tomatoes Squeeze half lemon You can drink lemon juice with a sugar diet Try it out and write comments if it works with you
Thanks for continuing 😍