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Fatigued on Keto and When Fasting?

today we're gonna talk about fatigue
while you're doing keto and when you're doing in intermittent fasting why would you
possibly be tired when you're doing this it's supposed to give you energy right
take a look at what's occurring we're getting into the state of ketosis so
we're trying to burn our fat there's a lot of energy in our fat cells in other
words this fat will turn into ketones and ketones theoretically have more
energy than glucose per gram so that means there's something wrong in
machinery now when we convert from sugar fuel the fat fuel it normally takes
about three days sometimes a little longer sometimes a little less of what
we're trying to do is convert into this new machinery where our bodies can
easily burn fat and then when you get into four days five days six days two
weeks a month now you're really burning fat the energy should increase unless
there's hidden sugars okay if you're having a cheat meal every other day or
having little carbohydrates as snacks or even protein in between the meal that
could keep your blood sugars up and down and prevent you from getting into the
full ketosis so you have full energy so this is one thing to look at right here
next thing I'm going to talk about is EMF even though it's not necessarily
related from your diet it's something important because I noticed a lot of
people sitting from the computer way too long so they have their computer their
screen their cell phone it's giving off electromagnetic fields when they go to
bed at night some of the electrical wires in the wall could be right at your
the head of your bed I will say that this will really make you tired as well
and this is causing fatigue and you keep changing your diet this won't work you
have to find out what's causing the fatigue so at this point we're going to
pretend that this is not a problem and we're going to focus on your diet but
let's say you work all this out and you still have fatigue take a look at this
make some changes there's a lot of information
this I will put some links down below but reducing the amount of exposure to
this can greatly increase your energy especially in your head okay now the
next thing we're going to talk about is just basically key to fatigue because
that's what we're talking about there could be certain nutrients that you're
missing in your diet because when you do keto and you're burning more fat your
body requires certain nutrients more than others the big one is b5 and b5 is
intimately involved in supporting your adrenal glands and the production of
energy and so nutritional yeast would provide this very nicely kind
nutritional yeast that's why I'm going to recommend because not only will it
provide b5 but it'll also provide D which is b1 okay and a b1 deficiency
which is very common especially with keto and without keto will make you
tired and also it makes you nervous restless leg syndrome is one symptom but
definitely it could give you some fatigue if you don't have enough of this
but if you take nutritional yeast you can kill two birds with one stone
okay be having enough potassium and a sodium okay when you're on keto and in a
minute fasting you need a little bit more sodium and chloride okay salt and I
recommend sea salt I'm not going to get into why but you just need more and if
you're deficient in salt that right there can make you tired now there's a
little pump in all of your cells and is called the sodium potassium pump and you
have billions of these little pumps in every cell and the main job of this pump
is to keep the potassium inside the cell and the sodium outside the cell to form
a little battery to power the nervous system and the muscular system so
without enough potassium and sodium the nerves and the muscles will fatigue and
that right there will make you tired and so when you're on a ketogenic diet
and you're not consuming enough of let's say vegetables you're not going to get
enough potassium or let's say you're not consuming enough salt then this thing
also won't work so you need a good amount of potassium 7 to 10 cups of
vegetable and about 1 level teaspoon of sea salt and that should help that right
there should handle your fatigue but also magnesium could be deficient and
that's a real common deficiency with a lot of people this is intimately
involved in making ATP energy currency of the body so you need magnesium well
it just so happens when you're consuming vegetables you're also getting magnesium
so you can kill two birds with one stone you can also take these as an
electrolyte powder and a lot of people will instantly start feeling more energy
simply because their body has been deficient in these minerals so these are
the things to look at also this if you are tired on keto and
intermittent fasting thanks for watching Hey we're back with another amazing recipe no
grains no sugar totally keto
there's no suffering on keto absolutely not Karen and it's an immune system
builder absolutely you have to check this out I think you should hurry up watch the
recipe and make it yourself it's just so easy to be Keto
is it simple it's super simple we hope you enjoy making it as much as we
are enjoying eating it

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