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Dr. Stephen Phinney: Does a ketogenic diet improve inflammation?

What is the research on inflammation and low carbohydrate interventions? I mean speaking to our trial and the data that we have now, if you look at the HSCRP data we're seeing significant improvements in CRP from baseline to when you're in this group of people. And I think that in the study you mentioned with Jeff, and I think it was Cassandra Forsyth's paper a significant improvements in CRP, and and I think you did pretty inflammatory cytokines too, right? That one had TNF Alpha and IL6 and I think at the end of those 12 weeks you also had improvements.

Yeah that study was in People With Metabolic Syndrome for 12 weeks duration. And let me just say that you know different researchers have their pet biomarkers. So somebody wants to know IL6, somebody else likes… and this sounds like alphabet soup here. IO1 beta, or TANF alpha, or IGF 1…pi1. I mean these are all – so rather
than pick somebody is favorite and then upset somebody else because
they didn't pick their favorite. We studied 14 biomarkers in these people after 12 weeks. After 12 weeks for all 14, none of them had a superior response such as a greater lowering in the high carbohydrate low fat group. So none of them were better off compared to the low carb ketogenic group. Th e low carb ketogenic group, Th e low carb ketogenic group,
7 out of the 14 were not just 7 out of the 14 were not just lower but significantly lower. So which in both of them were weight loss studies there.

Both groups lost weight but the ketogenic diet markedly and consistently down regulated a number of biomarkers; and by the way those are also bio-active compounds, they're also doing things. So we were changing inflammation at a number of different cellular sites within the body in a
coordinated way and we think that's much better than targeting one single biomarker than targeting one single biomarker
and making that go down – is what and making that go down – is what is typically done with drugs that are targeted for
anti-inflammatory effects..

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