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Dr. Sarah Hallberg: How do you overcoming cravings on a ketogenic diet?

– Okay. Do you have any advice on how to avoid and overcome cravings? How to recover quickly
from a day of bad eating? – This is a great question. Okay, so cravings. I mean, cravings are a
problem for all of us, everyone has cravings. And so it's one of the
big benefits, if you will, of following a ketogenic diet,
as those elevated ketones really can help cut down on cravings. But when you're first
starting on a ketogenic diet, they're still gonna be there for awhile. And so what can you do
when you're beginning and you start to get those cravings? And that is look for something
that is similar maybe to what you're craving
that has a high proportion of fat in it, right? You're really wanting something sweet, there's plenty of things you
can do with a higher content of fat to combat those cravings and still get that satisfaction.

And again, you'll find that
those cravings change over time. Not that you still won't crave, but the longer that you've
been on a ketogenic diet, once you're fully adapted, the
more you'll actually switch to craving things that
are actually good for you. You'll have fat cravings. And so at the beginning, look for something that contains fat, know that it's gonna happen initially, when you first start,
but that those cravings will change over time. And then are there any
common ways, oh, excuse me, common ways to handle it
if you have had a bad day. And the answer to that is yes, and these are really things that you need to prepare yourself for ahead of time. I can't stress that enough, because let's just say you're
going on a family vacation, and you've got a family
vacation spot that you go to and have for years now.

And in that family vacation spot is the favorite ice cream place, right? And so you've made this
decision ahead of time. You know what, I am gonna be making a conscious choice ahead,
not getting caught off guard, that I am gonna go ahead
and have maybe something much smaller than I would
have had in the past, but I'm gonna enjoy that with my family. How do you take that and
keep it from then becoming well I might as well
have a bad dinner, right? And then it's the next day,
well I blew it for the week, I might as well have a bad day. And so you've got to know ahead of time, conscious choice, and it stops there. The problem with this,
and the real risk of well, I've had a bad meal, might
as well have a bad day, might as well have a
bad week comes in when that initial time that you
went off track was by surprise, or out of an urge and
not something planned.

So plan ahead, and that can really help you police during these times. – But none of us are perfect and– – None of us are ever perfect! – If you don't plan ahead
and you get in that day where it's a really rough
day and you fall off track, knowing what's gonna
happen is really helpful. I think knowing that it
might set off more triggers for cravings, right, because
your blood sugar's now going up and down, up and down,
and that's what sets it off.

So you kinda have to like
hop right back on the wagon, stop it as soon as possible. – Exactly, do just like we
were saying at the beginning with the cravings initially, go back to say what can I have
now that has more fat in it? So you're really gonna utilize
some of those principles from the very early days
right there and then again, to help you get right back
on track after a slip. Because you're right, and I
think that's a really important thing for everyone to know. You don't have to be
perfect to be following a ketogenic diet, because
no one is perfect. So again, it's learning and developing a whole closet full of
strategies to help you out of that situation, not punishing yourself for not attaining that perfection. – And the health coach in me wants to say that an accountability
buddy can be really helpful. Somebody doing this with you
that you can kind of report to, so that you can get back on
track, but I'll end there.

– Absolutely, absolutely..

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