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Bad Robbers | Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking & Juanpa Zurita

wait wait ready three two three two oh god this is why I love girls night wait is that that’s a picture that the pizza guy yeah the pizza okay yeah let’s go get it [Music] [Music] tonight this is because of YouTube we want to get it de monetize don’t even play these are real guns real down everybody down alright let’s just talk what do you guys we’re gonna take everything everything from you your precious gems jewelry money everything you have hey hey we’re still talking to you don’t stop it give us the phone so give us a phone right now if you don’t give us the phone right now something bad no you’re good yeah I took your phone no you didn’t I literally gave it to you Oh take this do oh well now you don’t have a phone and you can’t call anybody no one’s here to save you I’ve seen the pics of guys about to like pull up oh no he was like pulling up right now where time he gets today this place will be bare you guys have been talking to us was like 16 minutes having robbed anything trust the process enjoy the process [Music] what do you stomp the yard out here I freaking love that movie okay you know what I feel like you guys are maybe not good at this so I’m just gonna help you what do you guys got oh yeah we have a rope hey yourself hey would that even come from and duct tape put it on your mouth you better do what we told it ago and stop crying good cooperation this way nothing will happen yeah that’s right now where’s the money yes feel the bees of the moolah gushy gushy their jewels the games the green clean the loot the pirate booty the honey oh okay I should take that off yeah take that off where’s the yeah um it’s in the the back room the code is 1414 oh thank you yeah I don’t do it no we changed it it was like seven seven in something else anyways wait forgot sorry how do you not know the code to your own safe Oh cuz that we don’t live here yeah we’re just robbing this place we were robbed before you came we couldn’t figure out the code we’re just catching a pod yeah so you’re robbers too yeah well obviously I’m a guy so you know my friends you mom [Applause] [Applause] yeah I’ve been trying these do you think is you do ain’t working out oh my god anyways whose house is this what’s going on me I don’t know him anymore Derek my dumb evil twin you were always the irresponsible one he’s got the best of me I always had the life I wanted dad put him in the will dad gave him so much I burned everything I have see what I have to do now back to rob houses until I found your house how could you John I think we could just forget about this and you know he’s your brother he loves ya he still loves you Derek no I called the police they’re on their way in three two [Music] irresponsible piece of trash thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to Like and subscribe I’ll see you next time