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30 Day Keto Diet Results – NOT What I Expected


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Today we’re going to talk about the ketogenic diet obstacle. I went through 4 psychological health factors. Undoubtedly it does, however I was looking for methods that the ketogenic diet would increase.

I’m going to talk about 3 things that the ketogenic diet essentially treated in 30 days. Its quite impressive and then I’m going to talk about what foods.

I simply desire that coffee. I was yearning for some of that things and well, I’m gon na inform you what I have actually presented and what the impact is, however initially the 3 things: oh and likewise blood, test results too. My bike and what they do is they take your blood when you’re in the health center to see if whatever’s a-okay and it simply so occur.

I desired to do that anyways for the ketogenic diet. You require different tests like for a real physical to get those, however there’s quite cool things in this blood test that I believe you’ll discover extremely fascinating, since the ketogenic diet, male that’s a method various method to consume.

It was extremely, really various and the blood tests in fact amazed me. Let’s do this, the very first thing the ketogenic diet treated at around day. Now I can’t keep in mind a time where I didn’t have seasonal allergic reactions, where my eyes weren’t scratchy, where my nose wasn’t running or plugged where my ears and the roofing of my mouth, weren’t scratchy, it hasn’t occurred and that’s an outcome that I didn’t understand.

There is a faster way to hit Ketosis.  Now, if I press out that’s the push out, that’s the push out, however you’re never ever in fact going cool like when you’re strolling around. You understand, I do not do that type of thing, however I desired to reveal to you and you asked for it once again. If I have any photos of a previously, I most likely do, however I did lose 10 pounds on the keto diet and the 10 pounds were on.

I didn’t anticipate that to take place and let me inform you going through a summertime and not having to sneeze not having to take allergic reaction. Medication was incredible, like I go to bed and I can really breathe through my nose for all of you who suffer from seasonal allergic reactions.

That’s number one: seasonal allergic reactions gone with the ketogenic diet. Gone number 2. This isn’t truly a treatment, and this was quite much an apparent thing, since my calorie consumption, I do not believe, was as high when I when you go off carbohydrates as you can see by the vlogs.

If you I’m gon na, you understand, put a link here where you can see every vlog. I provided for the one month and you can see how I’m pissed off at the start, going through to influenza there’s times of anxiety times of more stress and anxiety times where I’m similar to this diets silly and after that other times where, after the keto influenza, I get utilized To things get utilized to the practice, you understand consuming in a different way, getting utilized to cooking in a different way, purchasing the best veggies purchasing meats, discovering them on sale. You get utilized to the entire thing after simply a couple of weeks, however the something was: my calories were absolutely lower.

I and I were informing Michaela, who presented me to this diet and informed me to attempt it. Now it’s absolutely nothing major alright, however I had a beer stubborn belly prior to the ketogenic diet, not a beer stomach, however I had a kangaroo pouch. I do not understand if you can see that that’s my hip, however that was all bruised.

I got a pillow about a week and a half into the ketogenic diet, a brand-new pillow, a Casper pillow, however I was sleeping at my moms and dads location. Ketogenic diet, no headaches! Never ever one to be like carbohydrates are bad like to remove this or go vegan or go predator.

I do not understand what the long-lasting results of keto are well I’ll talk to I’ll talk to you about the foods I’m reestablishing, however that’s so cool that is so cool. Thats what it feels like and with the weather condition to specific, particular weather condition, cloudy weather condition, I do not understand various pressures in the air.

I get headaches for 30 days, not a headache, even throughout the key influenza, not a headache. Those are the 3 things. Next I’m going to go through presenting my foods and last I’ll reveal to you my blood outcomes.

Carbohydrate withdrawal is a genuine thing and you understand individuals get hangry and possibly individuals prior to their early morning, coffee, they’re, less they’re, restless and they’re not enjoyable to be around that’s carbohydrate withdrawal. I was truly mad about having to consume so much at the start, however let me inform you the one thing I desired more than anything was a doughnut. I desired a doughnut and I have not had one yet, however what I have actually presented gradually however definitely, is my ketogenic diet was various than most due to the fact that the majority of individuals stick on the dairy, but dairies terrific for fat, a lot of cheaters, however I didn’t do dairy.

None of that, because that’s a big thing with keto as well doing the bullet coffees nothing. I first had a plum waited a day had a banana and a peach waited two more days, no reaction, so good news. I would have a banana every single day, at least two bananas and no reaction whatsoever.

I’m trying to think of what beer I actually had. It was at the wedding, I could have chosen a cool, Ontario craft brew or something from Toronto. I didn’t eat carbs there during the meal, but the beer success so we’re at a fruit beer, a ok haven’t, had a bagel or any bread or anything whatsoever.

The other thing I did have was oh wait. Let me just think, oh right, sorry, the bread that was just a lie. I know what you’re thinking like yeah – maybe I would have, if I did this – maybe for a two-month period or three months like to 90 days and then go back to the original diet um.

I woke up, and I wasn’t starving like I would get up in the morning and I ‘d be in pain because I ‘d be so hungry and after, like you know three weeks, I wasn’t starving. That was a great feeling, but so I was definitely in ketosis, but the bread didn’t do anything and the last thing that I reintroduce was sauces.

Now, as I told you all before, the real test would be going off antidepressants and maintaining the ketogenic diet and that’s something I’m still debating and I ‘d appreciate your balanced opinion there and don’t go after me about that. It’s a big decision because I’ve gone off antidepressants before and I’ve almost died and I know the withdrawal effects it’s like well.

If you’ve gone through that yeah, I don’t need to describe it. Lets go through the blood results now, as I said before, the nurse was nice enough to give me a copy, I’m trying to figure out how to best share this with you guys they measured sodium potassium chloride, total co2 glucose levels and creatinine. I added salt on everything since with carbs and breads you’re getting a lot of salt.

I don’t know those experienced or maybe a doctor is watching. Please, let me know creatine, which is creatine. I just want to talk about the things that were high for me.

Do not understand what that indicates anyways. It was 5 point: 6 for red cell count was high, in addition to which is cool MP v MP V means the platelet volume, the your blood platelets and how big they are – and I was these were big, and if something is once again, I was Speaking to the nurse MPV, I can inform you precisely what that suggests mean: platelet volume, typical platelet volume computed measurement of the typical size of platelets discovered in the blood and is generally consisted of in the tests as part of the CBC. What this means, if it’s high it says, normally occurs when your body constantly creates new platelets because of a continual loss of existing platelets.

I didn’t lose any blood, but I’m thinking maybe inflammation could have had something to do with this, although with the lack of seasonal allergies, like allergies, it’s a it’s an immune response right, so I’m thinking the inflammation my immune system went down, but who knows, I Know I’m kind of talking out of my ass here because I’m not a doctor and I have absolutely no medical training when it comes to comes to blood tests. If you know more about this stuff, please comment below.

Please help me out a little bit if you find this interesting and the other thing that were high was monocytes ABS monocytes, when they’re high, a heightened percentage in your blood can be caused by chronic inflammatory disease such as inflammatory bowel disease. Another thing with inflammation: isn’t that interesting, two of the things in my blood that could be caused that are high, that could be caused by inflammation. I said red blood cell count was perfect and that’s about it, so that was the ketogenic diet.

Far so good again, I’m not going back to heavy carb anymore. I could probably experiment with that for sure, but I just have to go. If, if you want to try something different for anxiety for depression right for any kind of physical illness that you have um, I’m all about just trying everything attacking something that you suffer with from every different possible angle and see what works and diet for the Most part is something that people don’t really think about and that we don’t experiment with which is actually pretty nuts.

It doesn’t do anything for me, so like I would keep this diet altered version where you know I can have. I can still have fruit, which is fantastic, but I do it just from the seasonal allergies point of view and the headaches pretty awesome and I’m pretty excited. I know a lot of people who are following the vlogs everyday, we’re doing their own challenges.

Let me know how your 30-day trial took off. I know a lot of you were getting rid of processed sugar. Let me know that going and I hope you enjoyed the new scenery for all the online videos.